LICG group is registered as a member of the Public Participation Network based in Carrick. Presently, there is a need to nominate a representative from the group under peace IV to represent on Etnic Minorities issues at PPN secretariat.


Criteria for selection of PPN Representatives

Leitrim Community Development Committee – Social Inclusion & Community/Voluntary

The requirements for selection of the Leitrim Community Development Committee PPN Reps are as follows:

  • Be involved and interested in Social Inclusion or Community/Voluntary sectors in a community development/ work/volunteering capacity;
  • To represent the needs and perspectives of their PPN Members :
  • Be available to attend regular meetings of LCDC. These meetings generally take place monthly (10 times per year) on weekdays (usually Wednesday) in the afternoon 2.30/ 3.00pm. The meetings can take up to 3 hours.
  • Good attendance from PPN representatives is vital at all the meetings in order to ensure a balanced decisions and valid quorum.
  • PPN representatives may be nominated onto any of the three sub / working groups of the LCDC the Peace Partnership, the Social Inclusion working group or the Rural Development Operational Committee (RDOC) requiring additional meetings and time commitments. The majority of meetings will be during the working day.
  • Familiarity with The Leitrim Local Economic and Community plan 2015-2021, the RDP LEADER Local Development Strategy (LDS), the Peace V plan for Leitrim and the Leitrim SICAP Plan 2018 – 2022 will require the LCDC members to do a bit of reading.
  • Read and absorb relevant materials in advance of the LCDC meetings This will be particularly so for the RDP LEADER projects which will be presented for consideration.
  • LCDC Members will need to make a declaration of their interests, sign a non-disclosure (confidentiality) declaration and data consent.
  • With regard to the LAG (Local Action Group) and its activities on the Rural Development Programme (RDP) LEADER 2014-2020 PPN nominees will be required to be objective and impartial in their review, discussions, comments and decisions on projects and these have to be based on the criteria for the evaluation and approval of projects and on the LEADER operating rules and requirements and the Leitrim LDS etc. rather than any other or more “local” considerations.


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